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Private lessons

Private training is unconventional but certainly the most effective way to quickly make progress in the system.

Private lessons are especially suitable for students who have chosen to be instructors in Ving Tsun or Escrima. It’s a good occasion to study techniques and principles which cannot otherwise be treated during normal classes, mainly due to time constraints. In addition, you can work more intensively with only one student, because it’s possible to focus
exclusively on him.

Mass education rarely brings to light the true qualities of a student. Private training encourages the student on the way he chooses, so that he can acknowledge his progress by himself after a short time. While the normal time for a student to reach the trainer level is about 4 years following normal classes, the same goal could be achieve in only three
years with private training. I would like to add that this is only an average time. Of course they are students with a good comprehension and those that have to work hard for every bit of progress, which does not necessarily mean that former is not as good as the first one.

Private lessons allow the teacher to respond appropriately to the student and his technical problems, in order to support him in his progress. Private lessons generally take place in Ving Tsun HQ (Brunngartenstr.5) in Dachau. This can eventually, after consultation with Sifu Stauner, be carried out by one of his instructors (Tel:08131-276060)

Seminars in Ving Tsun and Escrima

Seminars in Ving Tsun or Escrima are ideally suited for beginners or new students to gain an insight into our system. For advanced students, seminars present a good occasion to prepare for tests and to stay up to date on new features, because our system is constantly evolving. In addition, exams can be completed related to the program studied during the seminar.

Our chi sao (sticky hands) - courses can be particularly interessant for beginners, since chi sao should be considered as the soul of Ving Tsun, and is mainly responsible for its legendary effectiveness. Chi sao doesn’t exist in any other style and is for many people still a mystery.

In a weekend course, the studen can typically bring home a program worth three months of normal training. This makes it particularly valuable for foreign students who don’t have the possibility to attend to regular classes but still have an option that way, to learn ving tsun or escrima.

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