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Level one
With the level one, the student makes the first step to a unbelivable, logical and particularly efficient martial art. He will be introduced to the basics of ving tsun. He learns the three empty handed forms of ving tsun as well as the long, secret maintained 118 moves on the wooden dummy. He will also be teached the basics of chi sao, the sticking hands, a training method to develop the ability to react to the opponent's attack as soon as contact with his arms has been made. He learns the first stepping patterns and kicks that will allow him to counter the opponent with arms and legs, using the right angle while simultaneously avoiding the attack. The level one is the basic knowledge, the beginning of a journey to what may become an efficient martial art.

Level two
The level two is the middle level in ving tsun kung fu. At this stage, the level one will be awakend. While learning to control the centerline with a brand new training method therefore designed, the student will experience a new dimension of fighting. His practical and theoretical understanding of ving tsun martial art will be widely enhanced. His chi sao skills will progress to something virtually unbelivable for the uninitiated public. To that a weapon form is added. The six and a half dragon pole techniques. With this form, an other understanding of distance fighting will be attained, as well as a completely different understanding of ving tsun centerline principle and a fantastic arm structure. Special kicking techniques will be further developed, enhancing the understanding of the student about how the legs can be correctly and efficiently used in combat.

Level three
The level three is the real technical master in ving tsun. He has gone through the whole program, is a master student of his teacher and knows what ving tsun kung fu is : not a system based on techniques, but the study of logical ideas, principles and concepts, that greatly improves his in-fight skills.
His fighting became natural and precise. His very long experience in ving tsun martial art and the study of other martial arts shape his teaching style. His fighting is more than the simple reproduction of techniques. He assimilated the secret formula of the kuen kuits and the five elements and know how and when he musst apply them. He knows the theories and techniques of the legendary ving tsun butterfly swords that finally made him a true martial art master.

Level four
Once the level four is reached, the student stands equal to his teacher and is than an independant master. This master has developed his own character in ving tsun kung fu and fited it to himself. His teacher introduced him to the last secrets of the art. The skills and knowledge of a level four are, for the uninitiated observer, near from unbelievable or mystic.

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